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Knowledgeable, Available Computer Support for Small Business.

At ALCOCK.IT we understand that outsourcing is part of helping your company stay competitive, focused and profitable. Having a computer support company is part of that strategy. Our services are designed to help you accomplish this goal. If you have a support request, or any questions about what we do please call or contact us.

Remote Support Services

Using Teamviewer for remote control, we are able to access and take control of your computer with the click of a button.


This makes it easy to troubleshoot the computer and its software. It also makes it possible to start, turn-off, and reboot the entire system should it be required.


See below for a link to our Teamviewer QS application which provides simple remote access.

On-site Support Services

We understand that keeping your business running smoothly is critical and any downtime or inability to work productively can have a ripple effect through the entire organization.


To minimize this, we can perform the following tasks on-site.


* Wireless Networking

* Microsoft Office Troubleshooting

* E-Mail Troubleshooting

* Computer Repair

* Software Upgrades

* Networking

* Desktop Upgrades

* Patch / Firmware Upgrades

* Virus Removal

* Spyware Removal

* Malware Removal

* Technology Consultation

* Training & Consultation


Computer & Network Repair

We have literally fixed thousands of computer issues and have not encountered something we could not resolve.


* Do you have computer problems that need attention today?


* Do you have network issues that are driving you crazy?


* Is your email down?


* Does your server or workstations keep freezing or crashing?


* Do you have nagging technical issues that need to be taken care of professionally?

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